KEMET Hospital practices Focused Anti Natal Care (FANC) for all pregnant women who visit here and much emphasis is placed on privacy, confidentiality and disease detection with prompt attention. The aim is to have a healthy mother and a healthy child after nine months of normal pregnancy. We also counsel on danger signs and symptoms that indicate the pregnant women should seek immediate help from a health professional. Other counseling given are in the areas of nutrition, immunization, personal hygiene both preparedness and family planning. We monitor and deliver women in labour and we also have a modern theatre ready for any emergency. KEMET Hospital is baby friendly and believes in 6 month exclusive breastfeeding. Provision of Post Natal Care is also given out 3 days, 2 weeks and 6 weeks where mother and baby are examined and monitored for recovery and finally discharged to sub district CH Nurses for child welfare clinic

As part of our ANC package, we provide a comprehensive pre-natal service that includes family planning, counselling and awareness of sexually transmitted diseases. We also pride ourselves in providing excellent post natal services through regular screening, follow up of women in their homes and child welfare clinics.

General OPD

KEMET OPD Service is customer care oriented where we register all clients and take their vital signs. Our physicians, nurses, health care services and programs have a history of being nationally recognized for clinical quality and patient satisfaction.

24 Hours Pharmacy

Our pharmacy has improved dramatically since we started operating 24 hours. We enjoy a regular supply of most medicine on the Essential Drug List. The pharmacy issue drugs to patients and advice them on the proper medication and compliance.

Emergency Services

Our emergency team are always available to respond to emergencies that come to the hospital. We have a team of highly trained emergency medicine professional to attend to all emergency cases and ensure prevention of any further medical problems.

Ultra Sound and ECG

Our ultra sound machines are in perfect conditions to check the development of the foetus. We have a fetal Doppler for monitoring the foetus heart.

Theatre Service

We provide first class theatre service, seeing to both elective and emergency cases.Cases can be done either under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia.

In-Patient Department

We offer a wide range of in-patient and physician services to care for individuals throughout their lifetime. We admit clients into our ultra modern wards. click here to view more services