Our General Services

What we do!

We offer many services such as Antenatal, Post-Natal, Deliveries, Gynaecology, General OPD,
IPD, Ultrasound Scan, Emergency Service and many others.

General OPD

KEMET OPD Service is customer care oriented where we register all clients and take their vital signs. Our physicians, nurses, health care services and programs have a history of being nationally recognized for clinical quality and patient satisfaction.

24 Hours Pharmacy

Our pharmacy has improved dramatically since we started operating 24 hours. We enjoy a regular supply of most medicine on the Essential Drug List. The pharmacy issue drugs to patients and advice them on the proper medication and compliance.

Emergency Services

Our emergency team are always available to respond to emergencies that come to the hospital. We have a team of highly trained emergency medicine professional to attend to all emergency cases and ensure prevention of any further medical problems.

Ultra Sound and ECG

Our ultra sound machines are in perfect conditions to check the development of the foetus. We have a fetal Doppler for monitoring the foetus heart.

Theatre Service

We provide first class theatre service, seeing to both elective and emergency cases.Cases can be done either under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia.

In-Patient Department (IPD)

We offer a wide range of in-patient and physician services to care for individuals throughout their lifetime. We admit clients into our ultra modern wards.

Laboratory Service

Clinical services are supported by a hardworking laboratory which can do basic haematology (FBC-HB,WBC counts, SICKLING TEST, G6PD, ), chemistry (LFTs, Lipid profile, BUE Cre, Blood Electrolyte, uric acid), Serology(Widal test, Blood grouping, Hepatitis B, VDRL, Retro) Microbiology(HVS, Semen Analysis).

Peadiatric Services

KEMET Hospital Limited is baby friendly. We work with children and their primary care physicians to provide our young patients with observation and evaluation, medications, oxygen, nutrition support, infection control and pain management. We also provide health education to these patients and their families.


KEMET Hospital Limited places emphasis on safety and quality as well as providing a premier maternity service to ensure that your birthing experience is memorable for all the right reasons.We have a team of experienced Midwives and Consultant Obstetricians, many of whom hold senior positions at Ghana’s top hospitals.

Digital X-RAY

KEMET Hospital is equipped with an ultra-modern x-rays machine that takes x-rays which are well enhanced with a high resolution. X-Ray services are available at KEMET Hospital 24/7 and report/comments are available on request.

Dental Clinic

KEMET Hospital Dental unit is dedicated to boosting your smile and self-confidence. We acknoledge that many people are unaware of oral health issues until they become aggravated, at which point they need immediate expert care. with our dedicated staff of highly trained oral health professionals, comprising a dental surgeon and competent dental health assistants, we ensure that you leave our hospital feeling much better than you came,and with a much brighter smile.

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