I am thrilled to welcome you to this page and humbled by your choice to access KEMET Hospital page. As you read this page, be relaxed and assured that the best of quality health care is guaranteed when you finally decide to access our facility services. KEMET Hospital is with a humble beginning, but eager to grow into a one-stop hospital where if not all, most services can be accessed. KEMET Hospital offers highly experienced residents and skilled Doctors, specialist and clinical staff supported by ultra-modern laboratory, X-ray, Ultrasound, ECG etc.

KEMET Hospital Ltd is an insured corporation established in Accra in May 2013. KEMET operates commercially in the Ga West Municipal Assembly and with a great stride to contributing to the health needs of the community within the catchment areas and to supporting the vision of the Ghana Health Service. The purpose of KEMET Hospital Ltd is to provide a world class health Care facility in No.2 Green Street Ga West Municipal Assembly in Manhean, Accra Ghana to solve the health needs of the people in the area and its environs.

KEMET hospital has a dedicated Quality Assurance and Customers Service team with a mission to achieve true customer satisfaction and quality care. KEMET Hospital Ltd is devoted to comprehensive healthcare.

The Doctors, Nurses and the rest of the staff in KEMET Hospital are fully dedicated professionals and specialists who are the gatekeepers of the individual’s health requirements specified by the Ghana Health Service. These Doctors, staffs and others practice health promotion, disease prevention, curative care, counseling, patient education, diagnosing, and also managing acute and chronic illnesses (e.g: arthritis, asthma, Hypertension, diabetes and HIV/AIDS. Out Patients, Inpatients, critical care, surgical care, home care). KEMET Hospital is the first point of contact for people requiring health needs in the community and its surrounding areas.

It is our assertion that, the strategic location of KEMET Hospital will reduce the following occurrences due to its closeness to the various communities surrounding it.

1. Maternal Mortality due to PPH.
2. Infant Mortality.
3. Premature death due to shock, Diarrhoea, comatous cases.
4. Prevention of Hypertension and diabetic emergencies
5. Outbreak of sepidemics and its long term effects.

Medical record keeping and billing has been substantially streamlined in recent decades through the development of Electronic Health Record (EHR) software. The good news is that KEMET from day one has commenced the use of EHR system to ensure all data are secured. For security wise, we have Closed Circuit Television at vantage points for 24 Hours security surveillance. KEMET welcomes you as a partner to this facility.

"We promote honest and open communication with patients and among staff. To approach each medical problem individually and ensure prevention of any further medical problems."

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